About GoodBurry

GoodBurry is the brand of B&S, representing reliability, professionalism, and good quality at a fair price. With an assortment that contains more than 100 different products, which is growing all the time, only goods that meet our quality standards are selected. Years of experience have shown us that our clients have different needs. In order to meet their specific requirements, the majority of GoodBurry products are available in both catering and retail sizes.

Each GoodBurry product contains nutritional and product information in four different languages: English, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. Moreover, all labels satisfy EU regulations on packaging requirements and the provision of food information to consumers.


Our GoodBurry assortment contains more than 100 different products, and is expanding continuously. The assortment section presents a full range of GoodBurry products, including product information and an overview of relevant logistical information.

Expertise in niche markets

As specialists in a range of supply operations, we tailor-make our services to fit each client’s needs. From providing food items to establishing a new logistics route, we ensure that clients’ goods are delivered when and where they need them. And because we’re active in over 100 countries, we're used to discussing international supply chain logistics as well as customs regulations. Think global, act local. For some, this is an ambition. For us, it’s a daily reality.

niche market
niche market

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